Welcome to all of you, who walk through the path, seeking, finding, aware and ready to weave creation in all life’s aspects!
All I want to share is East, a deep diving into the therapeutic aspects of the dance which is coming from the East, an unadulterated pleasure from the creative dance improvisation and also work on yourself in the most magical, but deep and conscious way.
Arabian dance, yoga, meditation, relaxation, self knowledge.
A deep journey into yourselves without limits!
This is Dance, Love, Fly, Create with me – Minasaida!

About Me

My name is Milena Davidova. My other name, which binds me with the East, is Minasaida. I am an Arabist, with a PhD in Arabic social science, also a researcher of the female dance in Muslim societies and in particular healing dance rituals. Previously a Reebok instructor in step aerobics. Ski instructor. Later a performer, a choreographer, an instructor of Middle Eastern and North African dance techniques, as well as Tribal fusion. Creator of the spiritual dance and energy practice, which I named “Dance, Love, Fly, Create! “. Author of six dance and dance-ritualistic performances: “The Epic of Gilgamesh” (2007), “The Magic Lamp“ (2009), “Life” (2009), “Love, I love You” (2011), “Elements” (2014), “A Path towards Light” (2018). Book author of “Fragments of Middle Eastern dance history” – a part of my PhD dissertation transformed into a history book about the dance, which so many people around the world love. I have over 24 years of experience in teaching positive thinking, self-acceptance and self-confidence through Arabian dances, healing dance practices from the Middle East and North Africa, meditation, visualization and energy practices. My work guides me to accept and communicate in a positive way with many different personalities and characters.

Beyond the Dance

“Dance, Love, Fly, Create!” is an energy-dance practice I created during my years of my own path and seeking. It is a practice born with everlasting love, and tremendous pain. A practice, where emotions are a part of its foundations. The same emotions which guide us through the adventures of the lives being given to us. My work is a fusion of the knowledge from the Far East related to the energy centers and flows of the human body, together with the dancing movements of the Middle East and North Africa. During my years of growth, I discovered that these ancient, originating from the East dance movements, could harmonize and ameliorate various physical and mental conditions, especially if the later were exercised meditavely, with absence of strict technique, together with lots of awareness.
Including all of this, another part of my work is the balance of the Four Elements of Nature – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They are part of us all. Sometimes our elements tend to become unbalanced when we transit through some personal distinctions and events, resulting in a shaken connection of ourselves. By immersing into “Dance, Love, Fly, Create!”, you will feel your own self in a unique way, discovering whole new aspects of your essence. You will unlock your healing powers and self-awareness, binding yourself into the Earth and Universe. And then, you will be in harmony and peace, but not only with your own self, but also with your surrounding World.


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Video Lessons

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